By dfb24

Wild Geraniums

I got up early and took shot this on my walk, then went to the hospital for Tom's chemo treatment, as the clinic isn't open on the weekends. We got in and out very quickly, & as I was heading for the expressway I even remarked to Tom that I was happy it went so fast because I had lots of yard work I wanted to get done today & now I had more time. Unfortunately we couldn't see that traffic on the expressway was at a standstill until we were already on the entrance ramp, so it was too late to turn around. Tom said there must have been a really bad accident, and I said I'd bet the Brewers were playing today! Sure enough, he checked the phone and the Brewers were playing the Pirates at 3:00. It was only 12:15, but so many people go to Miller Park early to tailgate that the expressway was already at a standstill! It took us almost 25 minutes to go a couple of miles--crazy--but we were home free once we cleared the stadium! I still didn't get the trimming done, but I sure pulled a lot of weeds, dug up a lot of dandelions, watered the plants, filled the bird feeders and cleaned out the birdbath! Got a text that the girls got home safely, and then Mae and I hung out for the evening because Jennie had plans for tonight. It wasn't until I put her to bed that I realized I'd never posted my blip, but better late than never! Thanks to Miranda for hosting the wildflower challenge--we finally have some growing! :))

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