By tondrijfhamer


I had a photo assignment today. I had to capture the so called Pinkstertrail. A new event that is added to the annual Pinksterfeesten here in my town Delfzijl.

It's a running event, but not a regular one. The route/trail doesn't go straightaway from start to finish. It runs through several buildings as well. The town hall, fire station, disco, church, windmill, are just a few the 10 buildings in total that were included. Once inside the runners were encouraged with music and all kinds of fun stuff.

At 11 o'clock the runners started (in small groups) and they were followed by a slower group of people who walked the trail. In total 540 'athletes' participated and that's not a bad score for a first time event.

On the photo I choose for my blip you can see runners entering the headquarters of Groningen Seaports. This entrance hall is built as if you are in the belly of a ship.

More photos can be seen here later on.

I wasn't the only one photographing. Two 'colleagues' from were too. The three of us all covered one third of the 7 km route. 

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