By EEPaul


Photographing camera equipment to sell on eBay.

During the 1990s, I did a lot of photography - mainly photo-journalism about civil engineering projects for the firm (Halcrow) I then worked for. I built up a sizeable array of kit, including a couple of 35mm Canon bodies and a 6x6 Bronica SQA set up. Changes of employer and role meant that photography gradually got squeezed out (apart from some freelance commissions, even including a couple of weddings!), and eventually I put most of my kit into storage.

Realising that I will never get back into using film-based cameras, I decided to sell the Bronica kit on eBay. Kind of sad to be selling up, but there is no point in having a flightcase of equipment gathering dust under the bed if someone else might make regular use of it.

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