By norfolkdoc

Open gardens, Day 2

What a difference a day makes.  The day started sunny, the wind had dropped, and we've had lots of visitors.  I was glad to see this gentleman sit down on one of the chairs under the oak tree - I had gone to some trouble to wash these on Friday.

In extras is a broad bodied chaser in the sun first thing this morning, before the hoards arrived.

It was lovely to sit out on the patio all day, greeting visitors, and occasionally answering questions.  One thing that has sparked my interest was the number of people that said "Oh, I used to visit this house when ….."  It has stimulated me to think that I'd quite like to put together a history of the house over the last 70 years or so (or even longer if feasible).  Our neighbour from across the road popped in at one point - he's seen many changes, and I've got his phone number to arrange to meet him to get a potted history, and maybe see some photos.

It stayed fine and sunny all day, then as we shut up the garden at 5pm, it clouded over, and rained quite hard briefly.

What are we going to do with ourselves now that is over?

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