By dogwithnobrain

Spinning and Your Can't Jump Off

How pretty is this?   I'm pretty dang chuffed that all three tubers I planted came up :-) 

We spent a long time at the allotment today - from 11 til.... 4 maybe? 

I removed the onions which had gone to seed.  I weeded the onion beds, and the asparagus beds, and the paths between. 

I weeded the Broadbean beds. 

I weeded My sunflower beds, the Leek Bed, and the new pea bed, new bean bed and new beet bed.  I planted more peas and watered the sweet corns.  

Himself topped up the potatoes; planted loads of cabbage and caulis.   The place looks amazing (see Extra); so much growth everywhere. 

Just a case of waiting now. 

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