By Veronica

Boys' toys

The forgerons are always the most photogenic sight at the annual agricultural fair in Lézignan. It's been going for 30 years now; getting a bit samey, but definitely worth a short trip to ensure a blip was in the bag. Some of them seem to have forgotten their safety glasses. Another one in extras. And although I say boy's toys, there was a female forgeron, first time ever as far as I know. 

Despite the fact that I've been gorging on cherries the last few days, I left with a 2 kg tray of irresistibly delicious cherries for 10 euros. Some of those will go into compote.

Just Talk today ... more new people, and some of them were native French speakers! To my relief as at one point I thought I was only going to have one. Everyone gaped at me in horror when I proposed a topic of "What household chore do you secretly enjoy?" but it worked, soon they were all talking/laughing/expressing disbelief that anyone could enjoy ironing.

To the Grand Café with some of the group for a quick glass of rosé to wind down afterwards, then home.

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