All part of the story

By Treshnish

Eagle rock

This rock, at Haunn, is sometimes called 'Eagle Rock' as when you see it from ground level, looking out to sea, it looks like a perching eagle.  I will go back and take this again when there is a high tide.  (I didn't think it through this afternoon!)  Noisy Oystercatchers flying in symmetry across the low tide rocks and huge silent Black backed gulls coarsing the cliffs. 

Another quite sociable day - and a walk through Calgary woods with dogs and blippers (one of them, lapsed!) in the afternoon.  

It has been a beautiful day, and as my younger brother and I said goodbye just after midnight, to my excitement, I realised the sky was lit up by Noctilucent clouds, so I think that is tomorrow's blip sorted too. 

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