Sap jewels

Took an early morning short hike with the group that has been instrumental in saving two parcels in the Ka Iwi State Scenic Shoreline area from developers.  Very well set up, both a moderate (about 2 miles, 400 ft elevation gain) and an advanced (3.5 miles, 700 foot elevation gain) with great viewpoints.   The hikes were set up on the half-hour interval, so that we met about 4 groups on the trail, with the advanced hike continuing on past the moderate's midway point.   My group was small - 9 of us.   The early portion of the trail skirted the golf course;  the escaped balls underfoot were a little tricky, as well as the danger of errant flying golf balls, one pinging off a former fence pole, causing everyone to duck.  The sun was a sapper and I spent the rest of the day - supine.

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