Our boy Kelso is gone. Aug 2, 2009 - June 9, 2019

I can hardly write this.  We had to let our beautiful Kelso go today. He was nearly 10 years old, which is ancient for an Irish Wolfhound.  He lost the ability to stand or walk and had no interest in eating.  It was definitely time. The vet and her staff were lovely and quite comforting, but it was still so very hard.

Kelso was the sweetest boy that ever lived.  He was unaware of his great size and liked nothing better than sitting in your lap.  He adored children and loved being the center of attention wherever we went.  He was a celebrity in our local St. Patrick's Day parades. Best of all, he adored Mr K and I as much as we adored him.  We were all so very lucky to have each other.  Rowan and Trigger seem as lost as we do.

Kelso, Rowan, and Trigger, my 3 Amigos, have developed quite a fan club over the years and their legacy lives on in the little felt miniatures that are still traveling the world.  My thanks to past and future hosts, as this adventure gave me a lot of comfort today. Please stop by and see what they've been up to with our friend landscapeartist: a wedding (!) and a portrait with the strikingly beautiful Fionne.

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