By AGBPhotography

Knotted Tankard

Heavy rain, thunder, and lightning all contributed to not getting the blip I wanted for today, fortunately I had put in a banker. This is my pewter tankard occasionally I use it at home, but more often I only use it if attending beer festivals. The sailors knot, whipping and the two monkey fists were all tied by myself.
The 'monkeys fist' was used onboard ships as a 'throwing' knot, it would be tied on one end of a light rope and then thrown to shore or another ship, the other end of the rope would then be tied to a heavier mooring or towing line which could be pulled to shore or ship.
The sailors knot was tied as a bracelet and given to a loved one, it would've been formed around something like a small log or latterly a tin can and the two ends of the rope tied together.

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