In the late sun of evening

This was Härnösand, along the canal leading to the open sea, at about 8.30 this evening. I emerged from a political meeting to be greeted by brilliant sunshine beaming down and turning the town golden. When I went into the meeting it was raining, and at home, 4 kilometers inland, it was pelting down.

Now everything is fresh and feels newly rinsed clean. It's a fair bit colder too, but that is perfectly ok by me. I get more done when it's cooler. This morning I spent ages faffing around with things that will go with us to the UK soon. Christmas presents in June , it happens a lot but it still feels pretty strange!

Sven-Eric, my book-binding teacher, said I could come by today and glue my books - also to be taken to the UK. I decided in the end to complete the disaster book when the cover was much to broad for the trimmed book. I had thought I'd make a new cover to fit it but Sven-Eric pointed out that it would be a fully functioning book and I think it will serve to remind me not to make that mistake again.

I'd actually got a lot nearer to completion of the other three books than I remembered, and an hour later they were done. And no disasters. It was so good to be back in the environment of the book binding workshop, it's a well ordered place full of so many of the things I like. I came home with glue for some projects I have in mind for the summer's rainy days.

Half past nine and it's still sunny, I love these white nights!
(and Halloumi. Thank you for the love you gave that blip!)

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