Green-eyed Beauty!

This was the best day of our holiday for me. We'd tried, but failed, on a previous trip to reach The Farne Isles just off the Northumberland coast. But there would be no rough weather stopping us today, it was picture perfect and very calm.

The bird life was just stunning! It was hard to choose my main shot but those gorgeous green eyes of the shag won out even over the cutest puffins.

The boat toured around the cliffs before we landed on Staple Island for a couple of hours. The birds are just everywhere. I have to stop taking photos and just enjoy their activity as they jostle for space, reaffirm old pair bonds and settle down to start nesting.

We were then taken to Inner Farne for the afternoon. We were greeted by the incredibly noisy Arctic Tern! Luckily, they hadn't started nesting so weren't dive bombing as they do when they have chicks. This is also the island where you can find St Cuthbert's Chapel.

An incredible day, and one to remember for a long time to come.

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