By flying


.....there was a hint of fire in the sky as I peeked through the curtains this morning, by the time I got outside the sky was exploding! Looking east and north layers of hot fiery shades filled the sky while out west and south there were softer hues, a real contrast. 

A walker stopped by and chatted, we admired the beauty that was unfolding before our eyes, we sighed and wished we were somewhere which wasn't quite so urban but we both realised by the time we found a place with expansive views it would all be over, sunrises are certainly not lingering.This was taken just about 7.30am. The extra shows the whole sky looking east.

Thank you for your lovely words, stars and fav's recently. I haven't been round much as my eyes have been prickly but not light sensitive thankfully, but still needing rest. I have to learn to pace myself, while feeling good I tend to overdo things and then of course suffer the consequences. 

Tuesday.....the power was off all day. It was cold and cloudy with no wind. The washing went out wet and came back in wet. Lovely to spend time with mum, we did our grocery shop as we both have a busy day tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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