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By tsuken

On the Fence

Today’s joker: Carne Griffiths Artist playing cards.

This is a fascinating deck of cards. It does handle really nicely (it’s printed by the United States Playing Card Company, so you’d hope it was good), but as well as that it has 54 unique faces (most fashion decks have custom court cards, and sometimes pips, but usually nothing like this). Each face is a portrait, done using “ink, tea, and various types of alcohol”.

I've found it's not necessarily easy to get both a cool-looking fashion deck, and beautifully-handling cards. This is one where both have come together (so is yesterday's Aliens Deck, as it happens).

This morning was marred by a meeting. Well ... I say "meeting"... our director dictated that we use some of our consultant meetings to "workshop" ideas - today's being how we can attract and retain registrars. As well as not actually showing up himself, the questions he instructed that we focus on were framed (deliberately, I find myself thinking #cynic) such that we were pointed away from the real issues - the ones which are having a major impact on consultant retention, funnily enough. So I spoke a lot about those real issues, as did others, but we were helpfully redirected to what we thought we could do, without the service changing at all.

Jokr; Flickr.

Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX DC
Pentax K-30

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