By FotoAlex

Baltimore Street

I wanted to get pictures of the clouds in the mountains, but they went away when I got to a spot with a good view. So here's downtown along the pedestrian mall. It's been raining the last couple of days. OK, I get it, it rains. Just ... stop. For real? I am tired. I want to see the sun.

Off topic: Are stars, comments and visitors dropping for anyone else? I don't get many of them anyway, but the last few weeks things have seemed dead around here. After 2,000 photos, have I just not got it? I know I don't have a particular style and some of what I capture are dull, but this is a daily photo site. It's not just for artists or weird abstract shots. Am I doing this all wrong? Yes, I would appreciate more stars and visits. Maybe I'm not doing things right. Maybe I shouldn't care about the stars, but it just kind of gets to me that I can do this for over five years without missing a single day and I get nothing, meanwhile someone takes a blurry photo of lights and gets 17 stars and lots of comments. Am I just that boring? Am I posting at the wrong time of day since most of you are in the U.K.?

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