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By njoyce06

A Promise.... Thank You, Dan!

    This isa developing bonsai that was a gift from Asburydan and his lovely wife, last summer.  I stopped by Myrtle Beach to have a mini Blipmeet with Dan.  It was a terrific visit, marvelous  adventures, and by the way, great food!
    The morning I left, Dan gave me this cutting from his Pomegranate tree.  I was so surprised, so thrilled and deeply touched by his thoughtfulness.  Dan also is a Bonsai enthusiast so we not only share Blip, a love for photos,  but a passion for plants and Bonsai.
    As I left Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, I knew I had 2-3 more weeks on the road and really hoped I could keep this plant alive.  It would be going in and out of motel rooms, hot days in the parked car, ac air (which plants really don't like like) and multiple changes of water sources.  This was a huge challenge!!!!!!!    And by Golly....I was determined to give it my best effort!

      Fast foreward 10 months:  The Pomegranate lived through the trip, it adjusted to a climate change (Fla is very different from North Carolina) wintered over a warmer climate than it came from, was repotted this spring into soil and pearlite, and................
This spring, right now, it is going to bloom!!!!    The leaves have come back with lots of green and new growth!   But, the plant is going to gift me with a bloom....  it is at the top of the plant, against the black porch screen.  It is an orange, prebloom color.  I have no idea what it will look like or it's color when it opens, but I am soooo  pleased at the development.  
    Thank you, Dan for the gift, the kindness and your friendship.  It proves, once again, that Blippers are the best!

More to come, as it develops!

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