Week four of my sojourn down to Southampton, so up at 5.15am, and we had the small plane again.  There were seven people from my company this morning on a plane that only holds about 28.  I had the sunny side, but we were often flying through cloud so I couldn't see much.

Left late - the pilot told us they had been waiting 20 minutes for the passengers to board the plane - but there was an announcement that we would arrive on time at 8.05.  This didn't happen, I think we changed direction of approach, flying over the runway at height before coming back in from the south over the Isle of Wight.

Bitty day today - lots of tasks blocked by other things but we did have a team building thing at lunchtime to meet people.  I talked to some people I've not met before and then we played a game based around Chinese Whispers and Charades - miming a phrase along a line of people to see what it ended up at by the end.  Amusing!

Managed to solve a problem this afternoon that's been bugging me for a while, so I call that a win for today despite the bitty morning.

We had a company "Town Hall" meeting in the hotel this evening where we had a quick quiz, food, and got to know each other.  After that I had a quick walk around the back of the hotel (it looked more interesting on google than it actually was!) and then returned to my room to flop.

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