By dogwithnobrain

Hey Pretty Smiling People

Came home from work tonight and himself and I took the tent down - wow it is so much easier  when it's dry and there isn't a howling wind assisting you. 

We took a wee run up to the Allotment to make sure the stuff in the polytunnel was looking okay - it did need a bit of a water.  4 Asparagus stalks.... and a handful of coriander; first crop :-) 

Had a wee bimble up to plot 22A  it's looking a bit lovely - my flowers are all out, and my sunflowers are coming on - there are going to be loads of them.   Parsnips all working out well. Spotted some extra parsnips (someone planted and then moved plots, but I spied his parnsips.  I will have to make a covert trip to nip them. 

I dropped himself at home and headed to the beach to have a look at the calm.  And the mindfulness :-) 

No mindfulness to be had tonight.  Place was jumping.   Cubs, Brownies, Football Squad, beach volleyball.   It was amazing to see it that busy at 8pm at night. 

I sat on the wall and watched the football lads (wee lads about 8-10) do their circuit training.  The volleyball was being played like Boy played it.  Biff Baff Bosh, Swear, Shout, Fall over.  I felt quite melancholy listening to them. 

Then I watched a couple undress under the biggest raincoats I have ever seen.  And then waddle down to the water; remove the raincoats and head off into the water.  Lovely. 

Then as I walked away, one of the Volleyball lads shouted "Hey Stevie Cruse's mum.... and I said "hey".  And he said "do you remember me".  And I looked, close and said "course I do".  

And wandered back to the car. 

Don't want people to think I was stalking young men. 

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