Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

King Edward Park

I have blipped this rotunda and those Norfolk Island Pines in King Edward Park before but it fitted the bill for todays Wide Wednesday challenge of trees.  There was a pretty nice sunset tonight with lots of high cloud and the cloud in the main blip are still a bit tinged with pink.  I was down at the canoe pool when it was all in it's splendour but the extra was a little past the peak.  It didn't last for long.

In other news the HMAS Newcastle sailed into port.  She is an Adelaide class Frigate.    There will be some celebrations for her while she is here and sadly she sails to Sydney where she will be decommissioned.  Know anyone that wants a Frigate?  Her commanding officer is a Newie girl, Cmr Anita Sellick.  The second extra was her waiting to dock in the Western basin.

Thanks for hosting Freyjad while the BBs are living it up on a Greek Island.

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