By misswinterfinch


Incredibly beautiful day loaded with news of changes.
The blip of the blooming Nine Bark flowers is not what I thought I had edited. But this is what we get. It is loaded with happy buzzing insects.
I am still dealing with the challenges of the new operating system called High Sierra. Grrr.
I still have nearly no messages in the body of the emails. I think that having to phone the sender of an email to ask what they are saying defeats the purpose of emails!
I have an appointment next Monday to get around the email problem with the tech who installed my advanced OS. 
I barely can get a photo updated. Editing and uploading are out of the question. No longer in control of photo quality, but I do want to stay in touch with my fellow blippers.

Much larger changes are happening in my neighbourhood. Until recently the same families and singles have lived on our three streets (Alice, 
Christine, Kathleen) for as long as I have been here (11 years this May).
Over the past month, 3 houses have sold and new people have moved in. Over the past year, 4 houses have changed occupants. Or to look at it another way, there are three original householders remaining. 
Two houses sold before they could even be put on the market or signs stuck outside. We must be a "Hot" Real Estate market.

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