By trevsastar

Day 163/19. Barrel Jellyfish everywhere....

A walk along the 3 miles of Rhosslli beach today. Almost deserted of people but hundreds of Barrel Jellyfish washed up on the shorerline.
These large jellyfish swarm in British warmer coastal waters in late Spring and often wash up on our beaches in May or June, sometimes in their hundreds. They can grow to the size of dustbin lids - giving them their other common name: dustbin-lid jellyfish!
They are attracted inshore by plankton blooms which provide a plentiful supply of food. They have 8 arms, each frilly in appearance. These frills actually contain their small stinging tentacles which surround hundreds of little mouths!
The sting of the barrel jellyfish is not normally harmful to humans, though if you find one on the beach it's best not to handle it as they can still sting when dead.
They do look very alien creatures, this one probably about 70cm across. Big things too.

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