hello again

By admirer


At 11 am I walked to the new bridge over the river Weser. Today the big day of the sliding of the new one onto the right place. At first I did not see something happening. I walked to the camping site and watched from there. A lot of men busy on the piers, but I could not see that anything happened. That was a mistake. I thought they were still controlling, but when I walked up at the beginning of the bridge, I found my neighbours there and they explained that the sliding was so slow that one only could see it when one held one eye fixed on a certain spot.
The bridge was already halfway there, and now I could see that there was an almost invisible movement. How exiting.
It was drizzling but I did not notice. I phoned Piet Hein and he walked down too and we watched for another half an hour.
At the photo you can see that the bridge has moved from where he had stood, and is halfway over to the new piers.
My photo is my entry for the Wide Wednesday Challenge. Huge thanks to Freyjad for hosting today. The theme is tree/trees, but it could not be my theme.
Tomorrow we will travel to The Hague by train(s).

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