One life to live

By otornblom

Chemotherapy and outdoor theatre

I had the first chemotherapy treatment today in the Tampere University Hospital, in the cancer outpatient clinic (see the extra shot). It took four hours and then I was free to go home. I got the cancer diagnosis on April 29, and it took this long before all the tests were done and the individual treatments were planned. Because I have  inflammatory breast cancer, my treatment started with chemotherapy, and the surgery will be done after that, about in six months. I suffer from the Her2+ sub type, so  I'll receive a combination of chemotherapy and antibody therapy, from six to eight intravenous pharmacotherapy sessions every three weeks. I have a long sick leave ahead.

In the evening we went to the Sara Hilden Art Museum's garden to see a drama by Juha Hurme & Oklahoma's outdoor theatre group. This time the play was Pirttipohjalaiset written by Maiju Lassila. Peetu was there with us and he did well :)

My Finnish friends, you can read the Pirttipohjalaiset story from here: 

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