Reikes small life...

By Reike

Something manmade

Today's photo topic was 'Something manmade', and I went for it in the sense of technology.
Philipp had suggested to me to take a picture of an atomic bomb or of war, but thankfully none of those was close by, at least for now.

We said good-bye to our colleague Rada for her maternity leave, she will be back in December. As it would have been a bit unfair to have us all drinking and her not, I organized non-alcoholic cocktails. They were great!
My favourite was the following:
Cut a lime in 8 parts and fill in a glass, put a spoonful of sugar on top and crush it with a spoon or else. Fill the glass up to the top with crushed ice, then fill the glass to 3/4 with orange/mango/passion fruit juice. Carefully add cranberry juice on top, so that the liquids don't mix.
So nice!

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