By beeeze

365 Sparkles

365 blips without a break.

I am astonished that I've actually done this when I think about the commitment required and I am so proud of myself for doing it. I know everyone says how much Blip has changed their lives, but it is so true. This hasn't been an easy year for me with one thing and another but Blip has been a daily focus, helping me to get through another day with a sense of achievement.

This blip belies the strides I have made on my own photography journey. I've done my first ever OU course because of it; I look at the world in a completely different way; I would no more go out without my camera than I would my shoes and I have discovered an absolute passion for macro photography.

I've also made some truly lovely friends :)

I had such plans for this blip. But we've been out all day and it's getting late. I'm not awfully keen on the sparkly kind of wine but do love a glass of Sauv B.

So, I'll raise my 'sparkly' glass to all who make Blip the truly wonderful place it is.

Bee xxx

PS I owe SO many comments, I will get round to it eventually... I promise!

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