Return to the North

By Viking

Slow going

God what a day! A meeting this morning followed by some prep then a request that I do a cover for a chap in paternity leave. Oh joys - a year 8 history class from the bowels of hell!!! To be fair when I reflect on it the ****s actually only numbered 6-8 out of a class of 28 but man did they take up 99% of my time, energy and faith for the future! I then had to jog up 2 flights of stairs for my year 12’s. I did mention to them it might be home for a bottle of red and a take away. Instead it was Diet Coke and bagels but hey ho!
This evening it was a moral dilemma. I am an avid fan of Springwatch and Chris Packham in particular but I did have to think about my plants being eaten by this wee beastie. So after getting up close and personal I removed him to try elsewhere for his dinner

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