Desperately seeking

By clickychick


One of those days when, as I arrived home at 7.30pm, I announced that everything I had done today had been successful! That can't be bad. 

Then I told The Man I wanted to pop back out to check out some wild flowers ready for when we get a sunny day. A big ask to expect him to drive and miss Spring Watch. We were well compensated. We caught site of this hedgehog hurrying on long legs along the roadside. I'll report the sighting to The Wildlife Trust, there's a page for Cumbrian sightings.

Other good things had been getting my hair done: my hairdresser saw the selfie from last week which I put on Facebook and decided on a new colour for my hair. I very rarely colour my hair but wanted to this time. She'd loved the blonde look on my photo and didn't want to use the grey colourant I'd booked for.

I dashed from the hairdresser to the studio where we enjoyed doing a Lightroom session for a gentleman who had done a portrait session with usat the weekend.

An evening meal was waiting in the slow cooker when The Mate and I got to his house! Very yummy! 

A very good day!

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