Congratulations, and celebrations!

Robbie left upper secondary school, Gymnasiet, and we celebrated him and all the other happy young people and their parents, teachers, siblings, grandparents - and in our case family hangers on who have known all three of these people since they were born. 

Their Swedish grandmother was there, their Irish Granny too, and their Irish Uncle. The house was pretty full of friends and neighbours too and there was a pile of presents for Robbie. Two years ago it was Pia's turn and in another 4 years it will be my God-daughter Louise's turn.

It's such a joyous occasion, it gives me hope for the future that there are so many lively, bright young people in our society - and I feel happy that the celebrations are fun but also safe and not too silly. I heard that in Stockholm the tradition is to drench everyone in beer, spoiling the lovely clothes and wasting money as well as creating a mess and a lot of humiliation. Pointless stuff.  Here it is good natured and charming without any of that.

The big buffé at home was delicious and we were quite happy to be indoors since it was raining on and off all day and it was chilly in the wind. Whatever happened to the summer warmth? The young people went off into the white night to carry on the celebrations without the extended family in attendance.

We got home so late that I just went to bed and fell asleep - so back-blipping for once. Obviously, celebrating is exhausting work. I have a feeling Robbie will agree with that this morning!

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