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By njoyce06

My Neighbors Lamppost...

This is a back blip for yesterday.  Whew....  Yesterday was a day!
The PT Buddies had a luncheon yesterday!  On the way to Gainesville, I had to drive through torrential down pours...  the visibility was very poor.  We slowed down to about 35 on the Interstate Highway, cars and trucks got behind one another and followed the others lights.  What is normally a 50 min drive took 1 1/2 hours.  We saw accidents on the side of the road and cars or trucks just pulled over, stopped and running flashers.   The good news...  We arrived alive and safe!
    The luncheon was terrific!  It was so good to see my PT friends and their husbands.  We shared experiences, trials and tribulations, laughs and joy and 2 birthdays!  One PT buddy had her birthday, one husband had his birthday,.  We did celebrate with a McAlister cookie!  Oh my gosh , they was almost sinfully delicious!  It was wonderful to see all again.  
     By the time we had talked ourselves out, hugged, said good bye, then said good bye again, it was late.  The traffic was heavy,  heading home was slow and misty.  Then I spied my neighbors lamppost and thought.....   There is my Blip!
    Till, I got a quick nap, made super, walked the girls, and then forgot to post my Blip.........          Oh well, happens to us every now and then.....

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