More wheels

For reasons that are justified but feel slightly flimsy, we have ourselves another 'new to us' car, a 11 year old Renault Clio.  Ben will be using it over the summer for work and Sam will learn to drive in it after that.  

I took Ben out into Cambridge for some practice today (he's not driven since he passed his test 2 years ago) and it was OK.  He's off driving on his own for the first time ever this evening, and I know Martin and I will be very twitchy until he is home safe....and probably very twitchy all summer!

If you have any second hand car requirements I would highly recommend SQ Car Sales.  Steve the owner, has become a firm friend as we have shared his offices for the last few years.  Today has been a bit momentous for us all.  Steve is celebrating his big 50 birthday and then next week Nextnorth are moving to new premises.

We're going to miss each other. 

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