By schorschi


On one of out standard walks this morning took a slight diversion from following the path alongside the railway track as a farmer has now mown the 3-foot high grass track that separates a small 0.6-acre triangle of seemingly unkempt grass from his barley field.

The "wild triangle" possibly belongs to the German railway or perhaps an environmentally concerned farmer who has let it be used as a refuge for creepies and crawlies and flowers. After the line was renewed over the last 12 months, the triangle was given lots of large piles of stones and several with large dug out tree stumps. Wildflower seed has seemingly also been sown, at the moment mainly Phacelia.

On the opposite side about where Luna is, there are some lovely cornflowers but only just on the edge of the barley field which must have escaped the sprayer.

Very hot humid 30°C day. Managed to take one load of garden rubbish to the compost yard & then mow the third of our three own horse fields. As the farmer adjoining us also cut & collected his second silage today, I took the opportunity to drive over his field with my tractor & attack an area of nettles & brush that hasn't been touched since the beginning of this century. I would love to sow wildflowers on it & maybe will try just throwing out some phacelia & see if it manages to do anything this year.

I guess the area needs to be lightly ploughed up once to break up the nettle roots. Will have to ask around. Sadly, having mown it, the two farmers bordering the strip who slurry their grass about 6 or 7 times a year will now also cover it - poison for wildflowers.

On the Geotag, the triangle of wildflowers.

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