Jan's View

By HarlingDarling


The Christmas presents are now wrapped and ready, and various birthday gifts too. Very odd to be wrapping red things in June but there you go, it had to be done. I am not a fan of the post office here, they are sloppy and they make mistakes and things get lost and the prices just go up all the time. So, I prefer to take things over personally. 

It's poured down all day so the green gym was closed, instead we could watch the plants growing as they received the delicious water that they needed. Sadly this applies to the grass as well, so another cut will be needed before we head off or we won't be able to see the house when we get back....

The central heating has been back on since yesterday and we lit the wood stoves upstairs and down to take the damp chill  out of life. It got SO hot downstairs, that stove is incredibly efficient. I baked three loaves of sour dough bread as well so it was nice and toasty indoors. And eventually the rain gave up.

This evening we went to the museum and listened to the same group of folk music students as we did a few weeks back. This time it was their finishing  concert with their teachers playing as well. It was a delight to hear them and to see the same generosity towards each other as before. A handful of students and three fantastic musicians teaching them for a whole year, what a luxury that must have been! The blip shows two lasses singing their hearts out most beautifully.

The museum church was looking positively cosy with lots of candles burning and some wonderful spotlights.The church is a pretend medieval building and the wallpaintings are "inspired by" the old churches in the area, rather than being the genuine article. It's a lovely space to sing in though!

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