Berry Friday

Not flowers…. standing on the deck this morning, I noticed some brightly-coloured flowers on a bush halfway down the driveway. But when I went down to photograph them I spotted these berries as well and this pic turned out better, so berries it is.  I haven't a clue what they are. Orange in theme, like yesterday's blip.
S. and I met up and DeVille's, and we happened to bump into the man from the auction house there, so were spared having to actually go in there this week. I asked him about the leadlights from the church, and he told me they had all sold at auction last Saturday – as I suspected they would.  The Art Deco cabinet that S. liked did not, however….
Lots to do today, as I'm off on a wee trip tomorrow, just for 24 hours. I called in to the ENT specialist's rooms to enquire about my blood test results – she'd asked me to have the test to check my kidney function, but I realised that she hadn't actually told me the result when I had my appointment with her a couple of weeks ago. The nurse texted me this afternoon to say everything was "fine", which was a pleasant surprise, considering my family history. The throat thing is quite enough to be going on with.

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