By AGBPhotography

Popular Poker

After the showers of yesterday and this morning I eventually got out for a short walk about 4 pm, and man I needed to get out of my box.
Headed towards the town centre to find the traffic being stopped near the library. A double decker bus and lorry delivering milk to Tesco opposite the library were stopped on one of the side roads, two single decker buses were parked on the road from the Teignmouth direction and a car was stopped in the middle of the road further on with a police car slightly in front of it. There were no signs of any collisions and people walking past looking puzzled. I found out later that somebody had been knocked down, I hope all parties involved are OK.
Further on my walk I discovered that what remains of the hotel that was the scene of the devastating fire on the 4th has now been demolished, although the road still remains closed. It was near this area I spotted this red hot poker that seemed to be quite popular 2 bees and a wasp about to land (he'd actually flown round from the other side) at least half a dozen other pokers with nothing on them.
A quick visit past the duckponds, everyone seems happy the signets are getting bigger, the ducklings are still managing to outsmart the swans. The adult buzzards were at their nest in the tree along the road, flying away as I got closer to the tree, I then thought I spotted movement in the nest but its too high to be certain.
Now back home watching the Cricket World Cup highlights, after watching the England women win their Football World Cup match.

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