Work in progress

How do you turn a 15 ft. python skin into a work of art?
Well, I asked three visiting artists today, for ideas for this “work in progress”.
Suggestions ranged from hanging it across the ceiling, replicating how it would live in Africa, to cutting it up into bags and shoes.
So far it gets used as a prop in photos.
Today was my first day of Open Studios and I have to say the “hit” with visitors was my robot sculpture Alexa, (see extra photo). This was made many years ago in a masterclass with Paolozzi.
Only now the piece has a greater resonance because of the digital assistant Alexa.
I place it inside my robot and ask it to sing a song, tell a joke, give us a news flash or play some music.
One visitor told me she had a friend called Alexa and they had to change their digital assistant to another name because it kept “waking up” every time her name was called.

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