By flying

Love is.....

.....snuggling together on cold wintry days.

I popped down to our local park and snooped around looking for monarch butterflies. They were reasonably low on the branches of a western red cedar and all were in couples. It was a cold, wet, dreary kind of day so there was no fluttering just clinging on as the branches swayed in the breeze. I've popped a couple in extras.

Going to the park on a Saturday meant I was seeing people I hadn't seen in quite a few years, nice to stand and chat for a wee while and catch up on family news. I also chatted to an elderly lady who doesn't mind living alone but likes to get out for a daily walk to chat to others she comes across and to have a coffee out. Often it's the small things in life which gives much pleasure. I went home feeling happy I'd made someones day.

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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