The second half of life..

By twigs

What am I?

Was up bright and early this morning to get K to the bus station for 7.00am.  Easy!  Hope she's enjoyed her wee stay in this part of the South Island and I hope her next adventure is everything she wishes and more.  It's always fun having visitors :D

For much of the rest of the day I've been battling a problem with Weebly.  I'd been in email contact with their support desk for a week or so when suddenly I stopped getting replies to my emails.  It's really odd - I can only imagine that either my emails aren't getting through OR their replies aren't getting back to me.  I have no idea how to approach the problem let alone solve it and feel hamstrung.  I've tried lots of different things as they've come to mind during the day but to no avail.  Frustrating day.  Any suggestions anyone?

To finish with, decided that part of my dinner was worthy of a pic using my new Raynox......tomorrow I may take it outside to play.

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