Arnside memories

For just a moderate sized village of about 2,300 folk, Arnside has a flourishing and enthusiastic Archive Group. They have collected a large amount of of material on all aspects of the social and architectural life of the village over the past two hundred years. It has all been carefully sorted and preserved and they even have there own storage room in the Educational Institute.

The Group regularly mounts exhibitions on particular topics. Today’s event was on Transport in Arnside. A wide and fascinating display of photographs and text was on show. Areas covered included the railway, buses, cars and cycling.

To add to the enjoyment a vintage Ribble bus was parked on the Promenade. This is shown above. The driver told me that it came into service in 1953, was based in Kendal and would have made the journey from Kendal to Arnside a few thousand times.

Extras show the inside of the bus, a smart conductor and a car parked outside the exhibition.

All very nostalgic and lots of fun.
Incidentally the number plate on the bus is no longer allowed by DVLA. Can’t think why.

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