Another Birthday, Day!

Although it was Ruby's birthday on the 12th it wasn't possible to get everyone together so Mum and Dad (Johanna and Luke) organised a Pizza Hut party for her. Both sets of grandparents were there, Daniel and his family and Julia. Lukes Brother and girlfriend also came.
Luke made the delicious chocolate cake and he even made the dolly on the top, which is an edible replica of Ruby's dolly that she loves so much and that you can see in her high chair.

It was a good party, everyone uncomfortably stuffed at the end and everyone even had some left over pizza to take home with them.

That No.1 candle on the cake was also used on Lukes cake when he was one and also on his brothers cake when he was one too. I said you need to blow it out quick and use it for Ruby's children when they are one!

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