By amandoAlentejo

Morning in Mourão

Saw our former neighbour on the way to market, making a crochet-edged curtain for the small door window folk have here. Have never met anyone who talks as incessantly as she does, it means you learn a lot about how people here think.

When we got to the Adega, after various social interactions, they were having a sardinhada outside, everyone welcome, no charge. You put the grilled sardine on a slice of bread and eat it off that - no plates, no cutlery, very messy fingers in our case, and absolutely delicious.

Extras of Maria and her man at the market, and Zé grilling the sardines; Zé Maria to the left of his cap, for those who know him.

- freshly washed bedding, dried in the morning sunshine
- loving these people
- prospect of church, and dinner with the Padre

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