By LincolnWarrior


Another mixed day weather wise today. This morning It was fairly sunny  and breezy so I gambled and put washing out on the line. I then headed into town to grab a blip around the Brayford as there was to be a display of old pre war Austin seven cars to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lincolnshire car club. I dont know if the weather put owners off or if there was more to arrive during the day but when I went to the Brayford there was only these 2 cars parked up. I took a few shots and hung around for 5 or 10 minutes but then it started to spit with rain. So I decided to head back home. Thankfully the rain didn't come to much so my washing survived .  I decided to bring the washing in before going to pick Julie up as it was nearly dry. I did the correct thing as we had a very heavy rain shower as I was getting the last bits of the line.
Back home from picking Julie up and we have some rugby to watch and then more catch up TV and a few beers tonight . I have decided this shot is suited best in Sepia but have included one extra in colour.

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