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By justbe

Gray on gray with peanuts

We are both totally spent from working in the barn and the garden. T helped me  check the Fairy House construction materials( twigs, feathers dried flowers, etc.) that have been stored in our barn for two years.  I was afraid that the materials might have become rodent houses over two winters. The Fairy House Garden Club activity I supervise for Hanover Day has been cancelled the last two years, one for rain and the other due to a school remodeling project taking field used for the Main events. I'm happy to report that the mice left the items untouched for the fairies next Saturday.

We moved on to yard work after the fairy business and are both sore and tired from weeding, trimming and hauling the cut branches away. We've scrubbed and checked for ticks, used special anti-poison ivy wash and will soon be heading to bed! 

We did sit out on the patio for a bit with some medicinal beverages and watched this Gray Catbird loading up on peanut pieces. They were quickly delivered to the nest in the bush where they always raise their young. We love our Catbird pair so much. 

For the Record, 
This day came in sunny warm and very windy.

All hands tired, but proud of our handiwork.

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