By heanku

Castle and bog

Today we have visited Finland's best preserved medieval castle built of brick , Hämeenlinna castle. There I saw a man behaving very strange. He told his wife to stand in one place and took a photo of her, then he wanted her on another place for a new photo and then for another place again, and so on.
First extra: Her body language clearly shows what she thinks about it. The man had three young children, but he did not take photos of them.
Second extra: In a hall at the castle I found a willing photo object, a strange figure in front of a picture of how the castle looked in the 17th century. And luckily it was, because I forgot to take a photo of the castle. (It is my husband in the armor).
Last extra: The day started on a strange bog, Torronsuo. It is ombrotrophic, it receives all the water from rain and air humidity. Anyway, it is the deepest bog in Finland, 13 meter. We went on a hiking trail consisting of only duckboards, but very difficult to walk because of their very poor condition. On the photo you can see the trail winding through the moss.

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