By WharfedaleBex

Brown girl in the

ring rain.

More psychology this morning.  If I named this as my ride first thing in the sunshine, the likelihood of rain wouldn't bother me. Much.

Setting off at 7am to find the better weather, I can't say I didn't have a little hope I wouldn't get a drenching.  A few other people clearly had the same plan.  The spitting started here though, about half way round. So, I decided to can my usual plan of not taking a photo on the uphill and grabbed one quick.

This road up past Malham Cove was actually closed as two miles up the road a cattle grid was being replaced.  I decided to risk getting through.  Worst case, I'd have to pedal all the way down and go up the other side.  I knew my legs would cope if they had to.  But, knowing now how jaded they feel at the end of the ride after doing battle with a headwind home, I'm mighty pleased I could lob my bike over a gate and avoid the almost complete blockage.

So, not a soul up here.  Just one person coming the other way over Malham Moor.  It wasn't until I paused to put my vague waterproof on at Arncliffe that I started seeing a few more people again.  

With glee, I took my extra warm jacket out of my new water bottle suitcase and donned it while warming up in the Kilnsey cafe with obligatory cheese toastie, latte and a huge mug of hot water.  I was running on empty on the calories front but by the time I left the cafe, I'd warmed up.  Just before leaving, I got chatting to a couple of keen photographers... enough time for a quick Blip chat before heading off.

A few more drops of rain and that was it.  The sun made a little outing and I managed to hook on to a peloton for a short while a few miles from home which gave me a little respite from the headwind.

A big chill out and feed and I managed to find the motivation to mow the lawn. Easy dinner next and I think that'll be it for the night!

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