Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

A new gadget

I was singularly unimpressed by the artworks on display at the Baltic during our trip to Tyneside this week, but one thing it does have is a mighty fine gift shop. Lots of quirky things for sale, and all good quality; very little 'tat'. One thing I treated myself to was a set of three lenses to attach to a mobile phone camera; a fisheye, wide angle and a macro lens, similar to one that blipper DavidC had shown me when I last met him a couple of years ago. At less than ten quid for the lot we aren't talking Nikon or Zeiss but they are surprisingly good and just clip over the phone lens with a spring clip. This is a shot taken in our lounge using the fisheye just to get the effect.

The wide angle lens works in combination with the macro so needs to be unscrewed to use just the macro lens. It took me about an hour of cursing, huffing and puffing to try and unscrew the wide angle, thinking it must have been screwed on incredibly tightly at the factory. I then realised that it had a reverse screw so I'd been tightening it up all that time. Hmmm.

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