Dutch Skies

By ronbuist

Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day in The Netherlands. What better way to celebrate that, than by getting out of bed at 3AM for a landscape photography shoot? Well, when I got up Martine was still downstairs with a friend: last night’s party was still going it seemed.

I drove to the carpool parking in Zuidbroek, where I once again met my photographer friends Ron and Ton. We drove to the location near Veendam and we were able to get some good shots again. Can’t show any of them yet as this is part of an assignment for a client.

When I returned home, I went straight back to bed for an extra couple of hours of sleep. Then I did a workout and then it was time to drive to Middelstum, where Inge was since Friday for violin camp. The girls and boys of the orchestra had lots of fun and prepared a wonderful concert, which included singing a song to all the fathers in the audience for Father’s Day. Inge played wonderful and so did all the other children.

We relaxed a bit after returning home and then the girls gave me this card, with a message of all three of them written in there. And I got a new shirt and sweater. It’s been a great day! Before going to sleep, I will now process the images of the sunrise shoot.

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