Heron Fly By

A lovely day spent with Mum - and so much done!

Mum's computer issues sorted (for now, at least), more clothes bought, a mini supermarket shop, a walk around the lake - and Mum walked all the way round, too :) . Once back at Mum's, she cooked us both a lovely roast dinner! Mum's not been feeling so good lately, so it's lovely to see her so much more her usual self!

Whilst at the lake, this heron was flying away from an altercation with another bird (a crow, I think) and I just managed to grab a couple of shots as he flew over. I quite liked this one for its unusual angle.

There were quite a few swans on the lake but only one cygnet family. You can see it over in my b&w journal and in My Third

Huge thanks for your loveliness on recent blips - I currently have two blips on page one!

Hope you've had a lovely Fathers' Day, whether you have enjoyed it with family or whether it has been a time to cherish the memories.

Ann :))

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