By schorschi


Heard today was Father's Day on the British Isles and was thrilled when greeting messages came in from England & Ireland but especially when grandchildren Elliot & Charlotte phoned at lunchtime.

Charlotte had just got back from a very successful round of "Camogie Blitz". Still can't get used to the name of this sport - always reminds me of her mother's beloved Tamagotchi. Talking of which, did see her other 1980's love, "My Little Pony" make the headlines on Sky News today.

Grandson Elliot had done his bit in the other dangerous looking Irish sport Hurling on Thursday with another Blitz tournament & sent me a photo proudly wearing his runners-up medal. Thursday was "Tony Day" here in Bavaria, St Anthony of Padua's name day & a local restaurant was again inviting all Anthony's, Antonia's Tony's, Anton etc to meet up for what is now a traditional beer garden get together. They specifically ask that parents bring along all their Tony children. Daughter Kate is officially (first name) Antonia and I had sent her a Wishes WhatsApp.  

Strangely last night I dreamt of getting a photo of Charlotte that showed her as being everything but the petite little girl I last saw in person a year ago. I think it was inspired by the earlier photo of Elliot which showed him shooting up like a beanstalk. And so when Charlotte's photo arrived, I was not surprised. What is worrying is that daughter Kate said in the phone call that Charlotte is actually taller than her elder brother at the same age. Have included Elliot's Thursday photo as an extra for the family record.

Looking forward to them being here in a couple of weeks along with son J & his family. Lots of birthday celebrations & name days to catch up on.

The storm last night cleared the air but it was also considerably cooler but with lots of sun between the scudding clouds. Forecast good for early next week.

Thursday was incidentally the 2nd anniversary of our PV unit going live on the electricity grid. I can't begin to say how pleased we are with its operation. It's a bit complicated to explain all the various savings, especially as our usage of electricity has increased and despite the price of bought electricity having increased by over 30% in that time, we are saving large amounts of money & CO²

Thanks to Bliper Iaint for today's sports team idea - not on Blip but on Twitter where he posted team photos today of his father (1947)  & son (2019)

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