The Isle of May, at last....

Having been rain and winded off on Wednesday, my trip to the Isle of May was rearranged for Friday morning. Given how atrocious the weather had been the previous two days I could not believe how smooth our trip out their proved to be. We were also lucky to avoid any rainy periods so the whole of our 2 3/4 hours there could be spent clicking away/ For the most part I used my largest telephoto lens system a 120-300mm lens with a doubler on it so I was able to get real close-ups of the birds. Puffins are fairly laid-back birds so it was relatively easy to get pin-sharp images. I included the classic puffin shot with the mouth full of sand eels as my main shot but I could have included loads of extras. I've restricted myself to just five extra shots which include images of razorbill and an artic tern. I tried desperately to get shots of the artic terns attacking people who were returning to the boat but came away without any decent BIFs.

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