By Rei_Miller

Morning Streets, City Centre

Kolomija (Kolomea), Ukraine | Nokia Asha 200.

Our family is going on the road. We go to my wife's parents for a whole month or longer. Today I visited the state veterinary clinic. I took a veterinary certificate for guinea pigs there so that they could travel with us by train. That's quite a story ... ))

As it turned out, you need to order such a certificate and wait three days, they say, so it should be. The veterinarian enters information about the animal in the Ukrainian database, and he can issue a certificate only on the third day!

I still didn't understand why I should visit them twice? I said that our train is the day after tomorrow, and then I talked to their boss. Indeed, it is their departmental instruction, and no one explains these details. They were able to help me and issued a document within half an hour.

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